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Nobody likes to ponder their own death. Young men and women think they will live forever, while those of us a little older banish such thoughts and push them to the back of our minds. Unfortunately, death is a journey we all must take, however much we would like to ignore it.

Our comprehensive life insurance ensures peace of mind for you and financial security for your family when you are gone. For a small premium each month, our life insurance policy will help to financially secure your family's future. The money can be spent paying off the rest of the mortgage or perhaps tuition fees for college.

We have been providing life insurance coverage to our customers for more than 28 years. We understand that the future is uncertain. That is why we offer a variety of life insurance packages.

These include:

• Long-term coverage: As a customer, you pay a premium each month and your family receives a lump sum when you pass away.
• Decreasing life coverage: Often called "mortgage term insurance." You pay a premium each month, which decreases over time as your mortgage payments also decrease. Upon your death, we then pay a lump sum to your family that covers the outstanding sum owed on the property.
• Critical illness coverage: You pay a monthly premium and we pay a lump sum to you if you are ever critically ill. This type of insurance provides huge peace of mind to customers who may already be struggling financially because of their illness.

Our range of policies suit every age group and every budget. Our commitment to our customers is simple: Provide them with the very best policy possible. Please call one of our customer service representatives at (973) 373-3564 to discuss how the AMC Insurance Agency could help you. We offer free quotes and have a variety of discounts available.

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