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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance | AMC Insurance Agency Inc. - Irvington, NJ

Nobody thinks they are going to have a car accident … until it happens. Unfortunately, without a comprehensive auto insurance policy, not only do you have to deal with the emotional and physical scars of an accident or theft, but the financial cost as well.

At the AMC Insurance Agency, our comprehensive auto insurance policy provides peace of mind and covers all automotive and motorcycle accidents, thefts, and damage. We offer this to good and also high-risk drivers. We can also offer fantastic discounts on multiple cars.

Our insurance offers the following benefits:

• Property damage coverage, including payment towards the theft or damage to your car
• Liability coverage, covering the payment towards the damage to other cars, or injury to others involved in the accident
• Medical coverage as a result of an automobile or motorcycle accident

We understand that an automobile or motorcycle accident is often a tremendous strain, emotionally and physically. Our policy ensures it will never become financially devastating. Speak to one of our customer service representatives at (973) 373-3564 to discuss the range of services we can provide. We offer free quotes and a discount on a wide range of services, including policies for multiple cars. We are an auto insurance agency you can trust, serving the New Jersey area with excellence for 28 years.

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